Newborn Photoshoot - How to prepare for the best experience and get the most stunning images out of your session

Newborn Photoshoot In NYC, CT - How to prepare for the best experience and get the most stunning images out of your session

A newborn photoshoot can be tricky because baby is in charge. A great experience requires some advanced preparation to ensure baby is calm and relaxed. You are capturing beautiful memories that will be preserved for the future, but it is not as simple as clicking the shutter. Here, we have outlined tips to can do to ensure a fabulous family newborn photo shoot.

Newborn Photoshoot Tips

  1. Think when you want to start a photoshoot

    It is essential to understand the perfect time for a successful photoshoot. If you want those classic sleeping baby images we suggest you shoot in the first 7-14 days after birth. It is the time when they are most sleepy and malleable - making it possible to get those cute poses everyone loves. Not all new parents are ready to do that photoshoot so soon. It can take time to adjust to your new family addition, so you can also do a newborn photoshoot in the weeks following as long as you are prepared for that newborn to me more alert and wiggly.

  2. Research about the photographer

    The parents should research the photographer's quality and style of work to be sure it is in sync with what you expect. Some photographers are good at candid portraits and others are better at posed images. Discuss everything in advance to avoid last-minute surprises.

  3. Talk to the photographer

    Before booking the actual photo shoot, you should take time and communicate with your photographer about where you need the photo shoot to be - home or studio for example. It also includes discussing posing, shooting style, props, etc. You should communicate what you are looking for and ask the photographer for their input or advice.

  4. Keep the safety of the baby in mind

    The safety and comfort of the baby should be a priority for all involved. Keeping baby warm and cozy - clothed or bare skin - is a must or you might have a fussy baby that doesn't cooperate. When it comes to creativity-props, hats, outfits, headbands, baskets, and backdrops to create an impression are fun but not required. The parents should talk to the artist beforehand to know what to expect from a photoshoot. Some photographers provide props and others advise parents on what to bring themselves for health and safety reasons.

  5. Adhere to the checklist made by the newborn photographer

    If you are wondering how to prepare yourself for newborn photo session, we suggest you ask for a checklist from the photographers. Many photographers today prepare a list to facilitate easy shooting and avoid confusion. Here we have enlisted a few points that you may find in their checklist.

    • Baby should be well fed/changed just before shoot
    • Discuss best time of day for baby - when baby is most happy or sleepy
    • Bring extra outfits in case of accidents like spitting up or diaper leaks
    • Well stocked diaper bag - carry everything you need to feed and keep baby comfortable and well groomed (extra diapers/skin care products, brush/comb etc)
    • Bring snack, water and entertainment for you and anyone accompanying you to the shoot (siblings/pets). The photo shoot can take more time than you might expect due to breaks for feeding/comforting baby
    • Bring toys or props to keep your newborn happy or to add value to the shoots.
    • Bring a pacifier or other comfort measures, especially if your baby is cranky or fussy. It will help them relax and calm down.

This newborn photography prep guide for parents will help you to add life to your newborn photography session.