Dress for Success: What to Wear for Business Headshots

Dress for Success: What to Wear for Business Headshots


Your online presence frequently precedes you in the working world of today. Your business headshot is an essential part of your personal brand, whether you're a corporate executive, an entrepreneur, or a creative worker. It's the first thing potential clients, employers, and coworkers will notice about you. You need to know what to wear for business headshots if you want to make sure your impact is long-lasting. We'll examine the art of dressing for success in your professional images in this in-depth guide.

The Importance of Business Headshots

Let's talk about the importance of business headshots before getting into the specifics of clothing choices:

  • First impressions: When someone visits your LinkedIn profile, website, or marketing materials, they are likely to notice your headshot. It's your digital handshake, therefore you ought to present yourself as professionally as you can.
  • Professionalism: A well-designed headshot exudes expertise and professionalism. It conveys to readers that you are serious about your job and pay close attention to detail.
  • Branding: A tool for branding is your headshot. It can assist you in creating a brand identity for yourself or your business that is consistent with your beliefs and target market.
  • Connection: People may feel more at ease contacting you if you have an approachable and friendly headshot. It helps people feel connected and trustworthy.

After establishing the significance of professional headshots, let's discuss the dos and don'ts of selecting the appropriate wardrobe for your photo shoot.

Dos: What to Wear for Business Headshots

  • Dress for Your Industry: When choosing your attire, keep your industry in mind. A typical suit and tie or business dress is required for some occupations, but other fields allow for more creative apparel. Dress according to the standards of your profession.
  • Trendy Over Classic: The best fashion selections are typically timeless and classic. The professionalism of a well-fitting suit or a tailored blouse can frequently be communicated without seeming outmoded.
  • Neutral Colors: Choose neutral hues like white, black, gray, or navy. These hues don't just convey professionalism; they also won't take attention away from your face, which ought to be the main subject of your headshot.
  • Avoid wearing clothing with busy patterns, logos, or excessively detailed designs. Your best bet is to go with solid colors because they won't overpower your shot.
  • Tastefully accessorize: Simple jewelry, stud earrings, or a tie can give a touch of uniqueness without drawing attention away from your face.
  • Grooming Is Important: Pay attention to grooming. Make sure your makeup is light and well-applied, and your hair is neat and groomed, if necessary.
  • Layering Adds Depth: Layering your attire can give your headshot more depth and dimension. A well-fitted blazer worn over a plain shirt, for example, can add visual interest without being distracting.
  • Choose Comfort: Since you'll probably be in front of the camera for a while, wear something that makes you feel at ease. Your facial expression will change when you're at ease.

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Don'ts: Things to Avoid

  • Bright colors can be visually obtrusive and may fail to express the seriousness anticipated in a professional headshot.
  • Sleeveless or Casual Attire: Unless your company requires it, sleeveless tops, T-shirts, and extremely casual apparel should be avoided.
  • Overly Trendy attire: While it's important to look stylish, avoid overly trendy attire. These might easily become out of date, making your headshot appear dated.
  • Excessive Jewelry: Keep your jewelry simple and elegant. Large, eye-catching objects can detract from your face and the overall professionalism of the photograph.
  • Unkempt Appearance: Make sure your clothes are clean, wrinkle-free, and well-kept. An untidy appearance can make you appear unprofessional.


Your professional headshot represents an investment in your personal and professional brand. It's a visual depiction of your knowledge and approachability. You may ensure that your image delivers the proper message to your audience by following the dos and don'ts of what to dress for business headshots. Remember that the idea is to show your personality while retaining a professional and approachable image.

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